Geoff Johns Steps Down From A Producers Role And Goes Back To Writing

To say that the DC Cinematic Universe has been divisive is a massive understatement. Some people are absolutely in love with some of the movies and then others absolutely destroy other entries in the franchise. Batman V. Superman is one of the movies that gets harped on worst along with Justice League.  Where’s Wonder Woman is almost universally praised, though it really shouldn’t be. Either way Geoff Johns has been a huge part of the DC Cinematic Universe in a producers role. However on Monday it was announced that the comic book legend would step away and focus more on writing.

With Johns now focused on what he is best at, writing, we will probably see an uptick in terms of quality from the DC Extended and Cinematic Universes. Johns has seen the reboots of multiple beloved DC franchises in the comic book world including Teen Titans which he wrote for from 2003 – 2006 / 2007 depending on how you look at it. A nice little write up on the Johns era of Teen Titans can be found here.

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